Below you can read the terms of use and privacy policy for SUNDEDIGITALEVANER.DK - hereinafter referred to as THE PLATFORM - facilitated by PFA for Sunddigital ApS.

Last updated 3 November 2018

To use THE PLATFORM you must read and accept these terms of use and the privacy policy.


THE PLATFORM is an online tool (www.sundedigitalevaner.dk) offered by PFA and is operated and administered by Sunddigital ApS. PFA and Sunddigital ApS collaborate on the product in connection with PFA’s customers.

Via THE PLATFORM, your company can purchase access for employees, so that they can subsequently create a habit profile at [company name].sundedigitalevaner.dk. By answering a questionnaire focusing on digital habits, the employees can identify how healthy they are, and get good advice and recommendations on becoming healthier if necessary.

Through an online questionnaire, THE PLATFORM collects information about users’ digital habits and mental well-being.

The purpose of collecting this information is to identify digital habits among employees and provide them with advice and recommendations that can be used by the company at an anonymised and aggregate level to prevent potential health challenges on the basis of their digital habits, and to provide advice/recommendations on how to create healthy digital habits for the individual employee and the company.


The information registered on THE PLATFORM during user creation includes email address, first name and surname as well as any indication of department, workplace and function (e.g. production staff etc.).

After creating the user, a number of questions are asked about their digital habits. When the questionnaire is completed, the health level of the digital habits is calculated and an online evaluation is presented to the individual user.


Sunddigital ApS records, stores and processes your personal data and registered data safely and in accordance with privacy regulations and associated data protection, including:

- Data Protection Regulation (European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016)

Sunddigital ApS complies with the data privacy regulation and associated data protection when processing your data.

Types of personal data processed in conjunction with the platform:

a) General personal data, including name, gender, e-mail address.
b) Sensitive personal data, including information on digital habits.
Sunddigital ApS processes all recorded data in secure and anonymised form.

Sunddigital ApS and PFA have a duty of confidentiality with respect to personal data which Sunddigital ApS and PFA may come into possession of as a result of using this form.

Only those authorised by Sunddigital ApS have access to data/information registered in connection with use of THE PLATFORM.


Your data and information will always appear anonymised to your employer and other third parties. After completion, your data will be delivered in anonymised form to PFA insofar as there are a minimum of 20 responses and the variation in the responses is deemed sufficient to preserve anonymity for the individual.


Data collected in connection with THE PLATFORM product is stored in accordance with applicable law.

Information collected is stored in a way that does not allow the identification of the individual for a longer period than that which is necessary for the purposes for which the data are processed. Afterwards, the information is stored in anonymised form for statistical use.

All information entered on THE PLATFORM is communicated via a secure internet connection. No unauthorised persons can access the systems and data.

All exchange of personal data and reporting to employees is done using double encryption.


Sunddigital ApS exclusively uses the information for anonymised statistics with the purpose of following the health development, including the effect of preventive measures, on health at the company level and never at the individual level.

Data is never sold to third parties. Recommendations and advice do not replace medical assessment and treatment.

All information provided by THE PLATFORM is for information purposes only and does not replace medical assessment, evaluation or treatment.


On THE PLATFORM you will find external links to relevant official and recognised websites with health professional content and other relevant information in connection with the screening. Sunddigital ApS ensures that, as far as possible, these links are kept up to date but cannot guarantee this. We also take no responsibility for the content, terms of use and privacy policy that may be found on other external internet sites that are linked to from THE PLATFORM.


PFA and Sunddigital ApS reserve the right to update these terms of use and privacy policy at any time, and in this event we will inform all users of THE PLATFORM that there are updated terms of use and privacy policy that you as a user must approve before you can continue to use the site. If you choose not to accept the new terms of use, you can no longer use the site and your user account and associated data will be anonymised in the system.


If you believe there has been an error in the registering or processing of data relating to THE PLATFORM, you can always contact Sunddigital ApS. You can also contact the Danish Data Protection Agency if you believe that further action needs to be taken in connection with your complaint.


If you have any questions about our processing of your data or if you want data deleted, you are always welcome to contact us at info@sunddigital.dk

If you want access to the information registered about you, please contact:

Information registered with Sunddigital ApS: Via info@sunddigital.dk or letter to Sunddigital ApS, Madvigs Alle 10, st. th. 1829 Frederiksberg C.

Information registered with PFA: Via the website pfa.dk or letter to PFA, Sundkrogsgade 4, 2100 Copenhagen.